Third-Party Monitoring

Job Description

1.     Scope

International Medical Corps Ethiopia is seeking for an experienced consultant to monitor the implementation of the project entitled: Emergency Nutrition Response for Drought-Affected Areas of East Hararghe Oromia Region, Ethiopia

2.     Objective

Provide third party monitoring of FRF-supported project activities in the project areas.

3.     Types Of Monitoring Activities

The selected organization will conduct different types of monitoring activities, the minimum set will include:

  • Beneficiary verification and feedback for Accountability to Affected Populations
  • Direct observation and on-site verification on the implementation of programmes
  • Service delivery verification
  • Conduct post-distribution monitoring
  • Situational Analysis of population and operational environment.

4.     Monitoring Criteria

FRF supported projects will be monitored about the below criteria:

4.1.Availability of services:

Assessment of the extent to which the provider has met its service delivery commitments in line with the Work Plan (including staff, supplies and equipment etc.), as well as adherence to technical parameters and specifications, such as Bill of Quantities, and verification of progress and distribution reports.

4.2.Relevancy/Appropriateness of services:

Assessment of whether the designed services (including supplies) match the needs of the local population. Identification of service delivery gaps in terms of quantity and quality, and challenges faced.

4.3.Accessibility of services:

Assessment of accessibility of services by target groups living in the programme area in terms of

·       physical and geographical accessibility,

·       economical accessibility/affordability,

·        information accessibility,

·       operational accessibility (e.g working hours, availability of phone lines, appointment system)

·        discrimination.

4.4.Acceptability of services:

Assessment of the extent to which the beneficiary/client is comfortable with the service provision style i.e., respect for medical ethics and patient rights, cultural appropriateness, sensitivity towards gender, age, etc.

5.     Geographical Coverage

The FRF project activities cover Golo Ola, Fedis and Midga Tola Woreda of East Hararghe, Oromia Region in Ethiopia.

6.     Main Tasks

6.1.Development of Methodology, and Tools.

All tools and procedures for monitoring should be agreed with IMC and FRF standards. All relevant forms will be developed by the consultant and should be approved by IMC. Forms should be bi-lingual to facilitate data collection in a local language, Oromiffa, and reporting to IMC in English

6.2.Development of Standard Operating Procedures

SOPs should be put in place, for how the field monitors operate including for their interaction with partners, non-state entities, and local authorities in the field and their monitoring of and application of the humanitarian principles. The procedures will ensure strict adherence to ethical, confidentiality, and safety principles by all staff involved in collecting, storing, and analyzing data obtained during the monitoring. The monitoring will be conducted in accordance with the WHO Ethical and safety recommendations for researching, documenting, and monitoring sensitive sexual violence in emergencies

6.3.Training of Teams:

A training of monitoring staff is required to ensure that they understand IMC’s mandate, Programme, and partnerships and that they understand the structure of the data to be collected, compiled, and analyzed. The organization will facilitate this training, with the support of IMC staff.

6.4.   Third party monitoring team:

To conduct the monitoring visits, the consultant organization should be able to mobilize a trusted team, including personnel for:

  • Field monitors
  • Project management, data analysis, and reporting.

Specialized profiles such as nutrition backgrounds should be prioritized. The teams are expected to visit all three project Woredas at least 18 OTP sites, 14 Stabilization Center/SC/, 10 Food Distribution Centers (FDCs), and IYCF activities including awareness creation activities during the duration of the contract. Additionally, 3 sites, 1 per Woreda should be selected for post-distribution monitoring of cash assistance.  Where safe and accepted to do so, the consultant will collect photos and videos at the project sites.

6.5.  Review Meetings:

Frequent meetings with IMC and an introductory meeting with partners will be needed at the beginning of the contract. These meetings will be arranged by the consultant organization. If possible, these meetings should be held in the presence of the field monitoring team.

6.6.Data Compilation/ Analysis/ Reporting:

The organization(s) will ensure sufficient capacity is in place for data analysis and reporting. Analysis should include access and security updates and maps.

7.     Expected Deliverables

The following will be required to be delivered by the organization(s) are:

  • Inception Report including Methodology, Tools, and SOPs
  • Work plan and Timelines (including details on development and testing of monitoring tools, regular feedback between IMC and the organization(s). Any other key actions that the organization(s) should undertake should also be outlined in the work plan.
  • Database of all information collected in the field, whether through mobile data collection or on paper-based forms. Reports for each site visited should be rapidly retrievable by the organization.
  • Final analytical reports (covering – Beneficiary verification and feedback for Accountability to Affected Populations, Direct observation, and on-site verification on the implementation of programs, Service delivery verification, post-distribution monitoring, and Situational Analyses of population and environment) consolidating information from all sites visited and aggregating those reports by marker including the geographical area.
  • Full sets of photos and videos collected including details of the dates, locations, and the project site visited. Where possible the field monitors should provide some more background information on each set of photos/ videos.

8.     Support from IMC Ethiopia 

IMC Ethiopia will be responsible for the following:

·       Recruit the external Consultant and finalize the consultancy agreement

·       Share all necessary documents with the Consultant to finalize the inception report, design, protocols, and tools for data collection tools.

·       Provide input into the monitoring methodology, data collection tools, and inception report

·       Ensure that input from IMC is coordinated and shared with the Consultant

·       Working space for the Consultant while in the field

·       Guidance and coordination throughout all the phases monitoring, keeping communication with the Consultant throughout all phases

·        Provide support to the Consultant during the field visit process

·       Closely supervise the data collection process, ensuring quality control, daily debriefing, and meeting the timelines set for the assignment.

NB. – IMC will not provide any transportation facility for the service.

International Medical Corps never asks job applicants for a fee, payment, or other monetary transaction. If you are asked for money in connection with this recruitment, please report to International Medical Corps at the website provided at the end of this document

Job Requirements

1.     Job Qualifications and requirements: 

·       Legally registered research firm or individual consultant with renewed license and TIN number, skilled in third party monitoring, complex projects in the nutrition and health sector and the relevant technical knowledge in Survey Methodology, Research Methods with proven experience in similar assignments

·       Extensive experience (7-10 years) in coordinating and managing nutrition monitoring is mandatory

·       Knowledge of the Ethiopian Government context: National Nutrition Programme, Health Extension Programme, and other associated policies.

·       Extensive knowledge of emergency nutrition, CMAM, Primary Health Care (PHC) service, and IYCF activities in Ethiopia.

·       Excellent analytical and statistical skills.

·       Strong supervisory and organizational skills

·       Ability to cope with stress; hardship; patience and flexibility and willingness to work additional hours to meet tight deadlines.

·       Ability and willingness to travel to field sites and nutrition facilities

·       Ability to communicate clearly with a wide range of stakeholders.

·       Previous experience working with international NGOsExcellent writing skills in English and local language (Oromiffa)

How to Apply

Interested and experienced consultants are invited to collect bid documents and submit a brief proposal, an updated CV/profile, a sample of monitoring reports made, a cover letter as well as a complete budget breakdown for the mentioned work, technical and financial documents separately and with a sealed envelope by no later than 10 days of the posting of this advertisement to International Medical Corps, Located at Kirkose sub-city, Kebele 02, HH No 226, around Meskele Flower, behind Nazira Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mailing Address: PO Box: 2314.

Bids received after this date will not be considered. International Medical Corps reserves the right to reject the bid fully or partially.

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