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Subsequent to the introduction of the financial proclamation, private Microfinance started to come back in to the picture to increase the number of Microfinance presently in operation to 41with more than 1750 branches, In addition, there are more than 20 private Microfinance’s under formation with largely similar products and targeting similar customers. Cognizant to the grow of private banks, still more than half of adult communities are not yet addressed to Microfinance service and all Microfinance are almost the same, with largely similar products and targeting similar customers.

Despite the efforts both on the part of the Government and the institutions, the Microfinance industry is partly characterized by problems related to limited geographical coverage, lack of innovative products & services, and shortage of adequately trained & skilled manpower.

Tegera Microfinance Institution S.C. (Under Formation) have observed that the diverse service needs of the public have not been fully met. Therefore, inspired by the encouraging economic policy for private stakeholders’ participation and with the aim to play its part in mitigating the limitations of the existing Microfinance service and most of all to serve the community that has not been fully served, the organizers are working hard to realize their objectives.

According to the Microfinance Business Proclamation No626/2009 amended NO1164/2019, nationals of Ethiopia are allowed to invest in Microfinance Business.

Thus, it is with a view to play its part in the development of the financial sector by introducing innovative products/services and to increase geographical coverage that “Tegera Microfinance Institution S.C” is being organized.


The goal of engaging the consultancy’s service is to develop operational manuals and standard procedures with the goal of increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness while also promoting proper internal controls, transparency, and accountability to all stakeholders. 

For more detail click here: TERMS OF REFERENCE-REPORTER.docx

Job Requirements

An expert with at least the following qualifications and experience. 

  • Advanced degree (PhD or Master’s) in the field of Micro Finance, International Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Business Management, International Trade or other relevant fields 
  • Minimum of 10 years of proven practical experience in project development and implementation in the fields of Micro Finance, International Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Business Management, or other relevant fields with strong Manual development skills, including the capacity to prepare logical, coherent, and consistent technical documents.
  • Demonstrated experience and understanding of the Global and Local micro finance Economy landscapes and Ethiopian Financial and business Legal and Regulatory Frameworks are required.
  • Extensive technical knowledge of Financial issues and policy, in Ethiopia and Sub-Saharan countries, is required;
  • Prior demonstrated experience from other micro finance institutions operating in Ethiopia and abroad.
  • Experience in consulting for both the public and private Financial sectors.

How to Apply

Applicants should submit their technical proposal and financial proposal separately. The technical and financial proposals constitute 70% and 30% of the total evaluation score, respectively. The firms/consultants with the highest technical points will have their financial proposals evaluated, and the bidder with the highest total of technical and financial scores (with their respective weights) will be selected. Tegera Micro Finance Institution S.C the right to contact short listed and potential candidates to present their proposal to the team and negotiate on terms and conditions if required.Tegera Micro finance S.C reserves the right to reject any and all non-responsive or otherwise unacceptable proposals.

Tegera Micro Finance S.C Office is located on Milcomi Building 3rd floor, the way to Golden Tulip hotel, opposite side of Birhane Adere Mall, around 50 meters from Mafi building. For any clarification and questions use the following email : tegerafinance@gmail.com.

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