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HR Specialist

Job Description

Recruitment management

  • Develop recruitment plans, attract, source, and hire talent, and ensure that recruitment plans are achieved with quality and quantity.
  • Leased workforce management: Develop policies related to leased workforce, recruit leased workforce, and manage leased workforce onshore to ensure effective development and implementation of leased workforce management policies.
  • New employee management: Assist the HRD in developing the new employee development management mechanism, manage the execution quality and satisfaction with new employee development, and ensure the quality and satisfaction of new employee development.
  •  Organization management: Be responsible for the resource allocation plan of the rep office, review the position configuration, prepare the workforce plan of the rep office, track the execution of the HR budget, effectively control the compensation package, and ensure that the HR budget is executed as planned.
  • Talent management and operation: Take responsibility for learning and development, individual performance, C&Q, personnel appointment, people-job management, talent development, and talent pipeline building, and improve the professionalization and echelonization of talent in the rep office.
  •  Employee relationship and organizational climate development: Manage employees’ onboarding and exit, attendance, and employee certification; take charge of the work experience management, employee personal events management, honor incentives, and team building of the rep office based on corporate requirements; establish a sound employee relationship and organizational climate.
  • Take charge of compliance management in terms of labor employment and employee behavior of the representative office. (Employee behavior, BCG, information security, privacy protection, etc.).

Job Requirements


  • Bachelor Degree in Management  and related business field
  • three years or above working experience
  •  Proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications.
  •   the ability to work as part of a team.
  •   Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  •   Excellent administrative and organizational skills.
  •    Effective communication skills.
  •    Detail-oriented   Excellent English and Amharic  communication skill

How to Apply

All Interested and qualified applicants can apply through Applicants should mention the Position that they are applying for.

If you do not meet the necessary requirements i.e. Educational and Professional, or if you graduated in an unrelated field, please do not send your applications.

Thank you.