HR & Admin Officer

Job Description


Afei Holding Co. Ltd. (Addis Ababa Silk Road General Hospital) was constructed in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia in 2017 in an echo of the “Belt and Road Initiative” by AFEI Holding. This 14-story, new state-of-the-art hospital is committed to enhancing China-Africa’s unbreakable friendship and strengthening innovation and practice to improve healthcare in Africa. This new facility is designed for two specific groups: patients and their families and healthcare professionals.


The human resource & Admin officer is responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing workers, and giving administrative support. They also handle employee relations, performance, reward management, and training.

Administrative Support

  • Create offer letters for all categories of employees including new hires, fixed-term contracts, contract renewals, promotions, internships, job rotations, relocation, Confirmation memos, as well as outgoing letters, internal memos, official notices
  • Preparation of Employee experience letters for all exit employees
  • Creation of employee personal files (digital and physical files), Filing of all employee records,
  • Ensure HR System updates for all contractual changes (job rotation, position, salary)
  • Data reconciliation validating data against hard copy backup
  • Control changes to templates

Archive & Documentation

  • Evaluates, selects, retrieves, and arranges materials and documents,
  • Preserves documents and provides for reference when required,
  • Makes the archives accessible to a range of authorized users of the hospital,
  • Prepares the archive records and computer databases that include descriptions of the material in the archive,
  • Prepares and submits periodic reports,

Talent Management

  • Prepare drafts for job openings, engage and follow up on the preparation of job descriptions, terms of reference, and subsequent position classification. Keep track of job openings; regularly update the SHRO and the HR and Administration Manager.
  • Participate in all steps and processes of the recruitment and assessment by sorting, a long listing of applications, coordinating candidates’ invitations for interviews, drafting interview reports, and supporting in the induction processes.
  • Ensures the proper implementation of the AASRGH Recruitment Policy and the Labor Code of Ethiopia.
  • Maintaining recruitment, selection testing, and interviewing records and reports
  • Arrange, and coordinate induction and exit interview programs for newly recruited/departing employees respectively.
  • Assist the SHRO in keeping track of separations (resignations, retirements, others) for smooth exit clearance.
  • Make sure ID cards and badges are prepared and distributed to new staff on time.
  • Ensure that each employee has completed all pension formalities and has obtained a pension ID card.
  • Ensure all staff has specific roles & JD and received Employee Handbook as AASRGH Manual

Performance Cycle Management

  • Assist the HR Manager in getting the completed evaluation on time and compiling relevant information from the performance evaluation.
  • Ensure all staff has specific roles and received performance evaluation as per the timeline.

Compensation and Benefit Management

  • Maintain updated annual leave tracking for all employees.
  • Monitor employee attendance with the department manager
  • Working on Job Evaluation

Training and Development

  • Assist in collecting external training providers and creating a training database.
  • Identify training and development needs within the hospital.
  • Facilitate training activities within the hospital.
  • processing training assessment, delivering and assessing the outcome of conducted training.

Employee Relation

  • Assist the SHRO in building a culture of teamwork, commitment, and performance across all departments.
  • Explaining and providing information on employee benefits, answering employee questions, and addressing employee concerns.
  • Perform other activities, duties, or responsibilities as required by the SHRO.

Work Force Safety

  • Provide Safety Education
  • Ensure Emergency Preparedness
  • do a timely Facility Inspection and random rounds.

Job Requirements

  • BA degree in Management or related field
  • More than three years’ work experience in HR
  • Hospital experience is preferable
  • Very Good knowledge of Microsoft Office tools & HRIS
  • Strong organizational and planning skills.
  • Teamwork and Interpersonal skills
  •  Language: Fluent in English (oral & written).

How to Apply

Please note that we do not accept applicants in person. Interested applicants shall send their updated resume and application letter only to

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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