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We are hiring a talented Counselor/Psychologist to join our team. If you’re excited to be part of a winning team, Agar Ethiopia is a great place to grow your career. You’ll be glad you applied to Agar Ethiopia

Purpose of the Position: 

The Counsellor/Psychologist will provide information on the occupational therapies, physical therapies, counselling and life skill training. S/he will be responsible for admitting, screening and diagnosing clients for different services such as occupational therapies, physical therapies, musical therapies, group & individual counselling and life skill training.


S/he is responsible for Provides counseling, therapy, and/or psychotherapy to clients and families as appropriate to the position; prepares treatment plans, discharge plans, and follow-up care programs; provides therapeutic crisis intervention and emergency services as required. All counseling activities will be performed according to the counseling guideline and practices. Part of the job is to work with clients and provide the tools they need to ensure their own recovery.


Main Responsibility:

  • Providing counselling face to face, over the telephone, or online
  • Working with individuals, families or groups
  • Keeping confidential records
  • Building a relationship of trust and respect with clients
  • Listening to clients’ concerns, empathizing with them, and helping them to see things more clearly or in a different way
  • Undertake other assignments given by his supervisor

Planning and Operational

  • Develop an operational plan which incorporates goals and objectives that work towards the strategic direction of the organization
  • Responsible for the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual plan for the program
  • Take active part in developing partnership with organizations that have common values and approaches with Agar Ethiopia and widening Agar Ethiopia’s network;
  • Ensuring the identification, collection, and distribution of reading and other informative materials for Agar Ethiopia;
  • Liaise with sub city/ woreda officials, and other stakeholders to maintain smooth relationship;
  • Work closely with the program team to develop annual, bi-annual and quarterly plans, budget and reports;
  • Facilitate the provision of psychosocial support to trafficking victims in cooperation with the nurses;
  • Take active part in the preparation of project proposals;
  • Take active part in developing partnership with organizations that have common values and approaches with Agar and widening Agar’s network;
  • Ensure that all external project funding agreements are complied with, including narrative and financial reports;
  • Whenever relevant conduct regular visits to Project sites to develop first-hand knowledge of projects;
  • Work closely with the admin and finance team to ensure that program team gets timely support and monitor budget expenditure in a timely manner


  • Actively take part in the implementation of the program and review and development of quarter, biannual and annual plan;
  • Identify returnee’s/target beneficiaries behavioral, emotional and developmental difficulties and find a way to treat them
  • Conduct baseline behavioral examinations on target beneficiaries/returnees to identify immediate medical needs or establish appropriate follow up when medical intervention is necessary;
  • Help beneficiaries to cope with emotional needs and challenging situations using a range of psychological concepts and psychotherapeutic techniques
  • Create detailed psychological profiles of each beneficiary and conduct baseline and follow up reports to track individual progress
  • Support the development of positive attachments/relationships between the caregiver that have a measurable impact on emotional resilience, well-being and mental health;
  • Consult with staff to make recommendations for developmentally appropriate services and strategies to assist in meeting beneficiary individual goals;
  • Provide behavior consultation for beneficiary by designing and implementing measurable behavioral interventions;
  • Complete data collection, data entry and required report and other related administrative paperwork in accordance with program timelines and standards to track progress of each child
  • Provide psychotherapy services including both individual and group counselling
  • Employs strategies of intervention that are consistent with empirically supported treatments are consistent with program expectation and are culturally appropriate
  • Become knowledgeable in trust based relational intervention skills and practices and utilize intervention methods daily with beneficiaries
  • Ensure that the operation of the organization meets the expectations of its clients, government and funders
  • Providing counselling face to face to target beneficiaries/returnees.
  • Working with individuals, families or groups
  • Keeping confidential records/data records.
  • Building a relationship of trust and respect with returnee’s/target beneficiaries or clients.
  • Listening to returnee concerns, empathising with them and helping them to see things more clearly or in a different way.
  • Perform initial evaluation of client or target beneficiaries needs and develop customized treatment plans.
  • Provide individuals with resources they need to reach returnee’s goal
  • Monitor returnees progress and modify their plans as needed
  • Coordinate with healthcare providers and community outreach to provide clients with needed services.
  • Preparing quarterly, biannually and annual project activity performance and reporting it timely to concerned body

Other duties

  • Support the development and implementation of cross cutting issues in Agar Ethiopia;
  • Give peer support to other members of the team;
  • Act as Agar’s representative to raise the profile of Agar Ethiopia;
  • Undertake other assignments to ensure the achievement of Agar Ethiopia plan when required; 

Reports to: Rehabilitation Center Manger

Based at: Addis Ababa Male Rehabilitation Center

Contract Type: 6 months with possible extension

Job Requirements

A counselor/Psychologist must be dependable, professional, and energetic with a positive and empathetic personality. S/he needs to have strong organizational management, assessment, and problem solving abilities. It is also important that s/he display excellent communication and interpersonal skills as well as the ability to interact well with patients, families and staffs.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Attributes:


  • MSc/BSc degree in Clinical Psychology/Social Work or related fields
  • Experience 4 years’ relevant work experience with:
  • Excellent intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills;
  • Technological orientation – internet and skill in ICT; 
  • Awareness of government policies in the area of human trafficking and GBV;


  • Listening skills
  • Empathy and understanding
  • A non-judgmental attitude
  • Patience and a calm manner
  • Ability to cope with emotional situations
  • Ability to relate to and adapt communication style to suit a wide range of people


  • Strong sense of initiative and urgency in addressing unexpected client crises;
  • Self-directed, able to work without presence of immediate supervisor;
  • Commitment to regulatory compliance and submitting all documentation in a timely fashion;
  • Evidence of adequate health status to perform duties;
  • Ability to pass a background screen;
  • Ability to travel as required;
  • Physical abilities to adequately perform described duties;

Personal Attributes:

  • The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of the Counselor/Psychologist. The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:
  • be honest and trustworthy;
  • be respectful;
  • possess cultural awareness and sensitivity;
  • be flexible;
  • demonstrate sound work and nursing ethics;

How to Apply

Interested applicant should send their CV and application letter by email to Application within 7 days from the announcement of vacancy at Ethiojobs.

Note: Use “Counselor/ Psychologist” as the subject line of your email !

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